Wine Selection

Norton Norton $20.00
Category: Dry Reds
Norton is the state grape of Missouri. Known for it’s full body, deep red color, and unique warm spicy flavor. A dry red wine and aged in Missouri oak barrels.
Chambourcin Chambourcin $18.00
Category: Dry Reds
A savory dry red wine with hints of sage and black cherry. It is a medium bodied wine and aged in Missouri oak barrels.
Vidal Blanc Vidal Blanc $12.00
Category: Dry Whites
The release of our Vidal Blanc is Saturday, June 23.  A wonderful dry wine with hints of grapefruit and pineapple flavors.
Josie Josie's Legacy $16.00
Category: Dry Whites
A dry white Chardonel, aged in Missouri Oak. 
Iron Horse Red Iron Horse Red $18.00
Category: Semi-dry Reds
A delicious semi-dry red with flavors of cranberry and black cherry.
Wheelhouse White Wheelhouse White $12.00
Category: Semi-dry Whites
Floral aromas and fruity flavors of pineapple and citrus combine to make this wine a must have for your special event.
Rivers Edge Red Rivers Edge Red $10.00
Category: Sweet Reds
This luscious sweet red wine has intensely fruity flavors. Perfect when chilled on a hot summer day.
River Rat Rose River Rat Rose' $10.00
Category: Sweet Reds
A Missouri blush wine which has a sweet, bold, fruity flavor. A wonderful dessert wine.
Glasgow Grand Glasgow Grand $15.00
Category: Sweet Reds
Fortified Port style wine with flavors of raisins and nuts and dark caramel finish.  Great with ice cream and shaved chocolate.
Rivers Edge White Rivers Edge White $10.00
Category: Sweet Whites
A sweet white wine with a light, crisp taste of peach and apricot and a finish of vanilla
Quince Fruit Wine $15.00
Category: Sweet Whites
Made from Quince fruit with spices. Quince is an usual fruit but taste like pears.  It is a 375ml bottle
Honey apple wine $15.00
Category: Sweet Whites
This is a honey apple wine fermented with spices.  In a 375ml bottle